We believe innovation is essential to effectively reach the children and youth of the world. In our connected world, we frequently use digital Scripture engagement programs to help young people experience God’s Story.

Bible App for Kids

Created in partnership with our friends at YouVersion, the Bible App for Kids is a fun, interactive library of Bible stories for young children, designed to help them fall in love with God’s Word. This resource is available for free in many languages.

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Kids Bible Experience

As an in-app feature currently available in the YouVersion Bible App, the Kids Bible Experience provides preteens with engaging, practical insight into how they can apply God’s Word. Children’s ministry leaders and Christian influencers from around the world contribute top-notch content. Pre-teens enjoy fresh, relevant content daily. This new experience helps them build a habit of seeking God every day.

What If It’s True?

Many partners cannot evangelize to young people in limited access nations because of cultural restrictions. Youth may be curious about Christian beliefs, but outside of digital spaces, it would be very difficult for them to find a safe space to explore answers to those questions. What if it’s True? begins with an intriguing social media ad. When a participant chooses to engage with the content, it leads to a seven-day introductory journey through Scripture. What if it’s True? has reached over 9 million young people in over 160 countries. Throughout the engagement process, users have an opportunity to go deeper and ultimately connect with a local discipleship cohort or social media community manager who is equipped to answer questions and guide users on their personal journeys towards faith. 

Support Scripture Engagement

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