Reach children for Jesus … through the local church!

You share our vision for God’s Word. Every Child.

Reaching children through local churches is the most effective method we have for making this vision a reality. You can also be instrumental in planting new churches!

It’s happening in Russia and across Africa already — as we provide Scripture engagement programs that speak to the heartfelt needs of young people, they put their faith in Jesus … and from these new believers, a new congregation is born.

It all starts when friends like you share the life-transforming Word of God!

Your generous gift today will reach young people with the Good News of God’s love in partnership with local churches and church planters … and disciple them in faith.

Every $1 today will reach 3 children and youth somewhere in the world with God’s Word. Every $25 reaches 75 young people — every $50 reaches 150.

Whatever the Lord allows you to do today will make a life-changing and eternal difference for children in need. Please pray. And please give now. Thank you!

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