OneHope works to develop effective Scripture engagement programs to address the unique, heartfelt needs of children and youth. Using our research findings, each program is contextualized in order to reach children with the Word of God in the most relevant and engaging way. Though the format and delivery methods of programs differ, the message of God’s love remains the same. Explore the various programs and mediums our partners use to reach young people around the world!


OneHope began as a publication organization, and print mediums remain at the core of our ministry. Our print materials are available in a variety of specially-targeted editions for different languages, age groups, cultures, and circumstances to reach children.

The Book of Hope is a Scripture book designed to engage and speak to the heartfelt needs of children and youth within various cultures, clearly showing God’s redemptive plan through Christ’s life, death and resurrection. This harmonized version of the Gospel is broken down into pieces and messages children and youth can understand. We have developed the Book of Hope in more than 148 languages, with a variety of specially-targeted editions for different age groups, cultures and circumstances.

Stories of Hope is a collection of 75 quintessential Bible stories that helps families, churches and volunteers build biblical literacy. Colorful illustrations, games and activities, along with Scripture engagement questions help kids go deeper with Bible content. To date, Stories of Hope has been used in 30 countries and 8 regions.

God’s Big Story helps primary-age children learn Bible stories and uncover the underlying message of redemption and restoration, even if they can’t read or write. This fun program consists of a series of illustrated cards, along with a parent’s/teacher’s guide stocked with activities, lessons and memory verses. God’s Big Story has been translated and used in 44 countries and 11 regions, and has seen great success in attracting children to return to church programming week after week as they complete their series of cards and learn the meta-narrative of Scripture in the process.

Tell21™ guides young people day-by-day through three weeks of digging into God’s Word alongside practical action steps that get them interacting with their peers. Tweetable content and reflection questions help them discover how to share their Jesus story. Plus, with every copy of Tell21™ you get 10 copies of the Book of Hope to share the Gospel with friends at the end of the 21-day experience.


We believe innovation is essential to effectively reach the children and youth of the world. In order to share the truth with a new generation, we have stepped into the digital realm. By developing relevant tools to help children experience God’s Story, we are able to reach them where they are, as they are.

In partnership with YouVersion, OneHope has provided the Scripture content to create the Bible App for Kids. The app features the major stories of the Bible and takes kids on a journey through the meta-narrative of Scripture to help them experience the story. Created for children ages 5-8, the Bible App for Kids is a fun, interactive library of Bible stories. Each story consists of an interactive world centered on the Bible, with animation, narration, music and sound effects. The app was downloaded more than a million times in the first week of its release!

The Bible App for Kids is available for free download in the iTunes App store, Google Play, and Amazon.

The Rescued app is a fun digital way for kids to engage with the content of the Rescued book. Guided by the narrator lion, Areli, kids can experience the book’s 10 Bible stories in a whole new way, and have the opportunity to engage with additional fun games and activities.


The Rescued app is available for free download in the iTunes App store, Google Play, and Amazon.

This app engages young people in Asia with the real story of Christmas. Developed in response to the fact that we could not directly hand out Scripture literature in some areas, the app allows us to still reach children and youth with the Gospel message, particularly during the Christmas season. Through the app, young people can read our special edition Manga Manger Book of Hope that presents the life of Jesus illustrated in traditional Asian manga style.

The Manga Mission app is available for free download in the iTunes App store and Google Play


Our Attitudes and Behaviors of Youth research revealed that 77% of teens admit movies influence them. Through films like The GodMan and our partnership with Toy Gun Films, we leverage this powerful, visual medium to tackle relevant issues young people face all around the world.

For children who cannot read and in areas where the printed Word cannot go, The GodMan film tells the story of Christ’s life for all to understand. First shown in 2005, The GodMan is a computer-animated film that has been translated into more than 72 languages and shown in more than 71 countries. Additionally, it has been customized for ten different cultural worldviews. Over 148 million children have seen the film in hosted settings, and millions more have had the opportunity to watch The GodMan on television in their country. Click here to watch a clip of The GodMan.

Traditionally used in conjunction with our Native American programs, Running Deer follows the struggle of a Native American teen named Tyler who is caught at a crossroads between moving on from life in his small town, or facing the hard realities at home with the people who mean the most to him. BooBoo Stewart, from the Twilight Saga, delivers a stunning performance as Tyler.

No one knows for sure how many child soldiers are forced to fight in rebel wars, but some say this is a reality for more than 100,000 children. Ripped from their families and forced to participate in horrific violence—or be killed themselves—these child soldiers often feel hopeless and unforgivable. Half Good Killer tells the story of a jaded child soldier struggling to fight for the life he was destined to live, not the one forced upon him.

Set in fast-paced Tokyo where young people live under immense cultural pressure to succeed and maintain societal status, Paper Flower follows two girls on very different paths trying to get what they think they want. The societal burden of “being the best/having the most” has led Japan to having one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Paper Flower tackles some of Japan’s most dire and serious issues that teens face: suicide, enjo kōsai—or “compensated dating” as it is referred to in Japan—and family honor. Paper Flower has received widespread acclaim, and won nine film festival awards.

En Tus Manos (In Your Hands) follows the struggle of a boy growing up in a violent neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia. In an attempt to get away from his abusive home life, he joins a gang. As part of his initiation into the gang, he is ordered to murder a local pastor. This cold-blooded task pushes him into the depths of despair as he searches for the courage to finally take his destiny into his own hands.

Since its release in 2010, En Tus Manos has been seen by more than 6.6 million youth and has won eight international film festival awards.


We’re passionate about empowering the local church to do the work of the Church — reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It’s our desire to share our knowledge with churches and other like-minded organizations to help increase Kingdom impact. Learn more about OneHope resources available to your church, organization, or ministry.

Rob Hoskins has served with OneHope for more than 22 years, and been president since 2004. His leadership, coupled with the implementation of an innovative Outcome-Based Ministry (OBM) model, has expanded the literature distribution ministry to include a rapidly growing catalog of innovative mediums. His blog focuses on topics in missiology, outcome-based ministry, next generation outreach and current events, offering regular insights into the spiritual state of the world’s children and how best to reach them with the Gospel.

Reimagine Mission Design Workshops will challenge your understanding of missions and give you practical tools to reimagine your global and local mission programs. The workshop typically features two distinct tracks—Missions Design and Ministry Design—intended to serve leaders who are responsible for both the strategic missions vision (what we are called to do) and the practical implementation of outreach programs (how we go about it).

The vision of OneHope is to reach every child in every nation with God’s Word. Creating an opportunity for short-term missions teams to experience OneHope ministry is one part of what we do. We strive to meet the immediate needs of the local church on the field, therefore every trip is different. Because of this responsive focus, we can almost always find a way for an American church to serve in the areas in which they are most passionate: teacher’s ministry, digital ministry, kids ministry, education, church planting, etc.

These trips feature an itinerary consisting of primarily OneHope ministry activities, such as distributing the Book of Hope or showing The GodMan film and, in some cases, participating in community transformation projects OneHope is only able to coordinate teams originating from the United States with church or organizational teams having a minimum of 6 people. OneHope is currently not able to facilitate trips for individuals.

Visit our Teams page for more information.

If you are interested in using OneHope programs for your own missions trip, let us know how we can help!

Cultivate is a OneHope initiative that offers the best of OneHope’s experience in research, program design and church mobilization as a model for implementing effective community programs. Cultivate equips local churches to effectively impact their communities by utilizing outcome-based ministry design and can serve your ministry or church in three different ways – through workshops, collaborations and internships.

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Created in partnership with The John Maxwell Company, Lead Today is a 16-week program designed to guide teens through lessons on biblical servant leadership, character strength, and practical application of leadership skills.

We believe in the power of the Global Church to effectively reach the next generation. By building a platform for the best ideas in ministry, we want to empower the local church to impact the lives of children and youth across the globe.

WellConnected is a global platform that uses digital content to share high quality insight, stories, and tools in order to help ministry leaders reach the youth in their country. Discover Christian groups from around the world who are impacting young people with the whole Gospel, and striving for effectiveness in their context.

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