Keeping cultural relevance and each society’s unique issues in mind, our programs are as diverse as the children and youth they are intended to reach.  Each program is age-specific and customized based on research we conduct among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries we work.

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Print Programs

These are just a few of the programs we print for our partners to help them engage children with God’s Word around the world. Learn more about our other resources for churches in North America.

  • Tell21
  • Book of Hope
  • Stories of Hope
  • God’s Big Story


We believe innovation is essential to effectively reach the youth of the world. In order to speak truth to a new generation, we have stepped into the digital realm to develop relevant and effective tools to help children experience God’s Story. While people are different, the principles and values of the life of Jesus are universal. Here are just some of the Scripture-rich digital initiatives OneHope has developed so far.

  • Rescued
  • Bible App for Kids
  • My Story
  • OneHope Customized
  • Manga Mission

Short Films

Our Attitudes and Behaviors of Youth research revealed that 77% of teens admit movies influence them. Through The GodMan film and our partnership with Toy Gun Films, we leverage this powerful visual medium to tackle the relevant issues young people face all around the world.

  • The GodMan
  • Running Deer
  • Half Good Killer
  • Paper Flower
  • En Tus Manos (In Your Hands)