Church Planting

OneHope partners with local churches and other ministries to share God’s Word with children. Yet, communities around the world lack a Christian church. Together, we need to advance church planting initiatives so every child can experience the hope of the Gospel.

How We're Moving Forward

Lumiere Project

The Lumière Project is a church planting initiative in Africa. Our team travels to villages where no Christian church is established. Using OneHope resources to share the Gospel message, the responding youth and adults become the first attendees of a new church plant! Children are also welcomed to join a kids Bible club. You can be a part of sharing God’s Word in these communities!

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Hosanna Plan

The Hosanna Plan is delivering God’s Word to unreached children and youth through strategic local church planting and evangelism initiatives. Outreach team members dedicate one year of their life to traveling to remote communities across the country. Children and youth learn the Gospel message through multiple OneHope programs that share God’s Word.

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Support Scripture Engagement

We invite you to become a co-laborer with our ministry partners around the word through your support of Church Planting.

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