Our research study, Attitudes and Behaviors of Youth, revealed that 77% of teens admit movies influence them. Through films like The GodMan and our partnership with Toy Gun Films, we use this powerful, visual medium to tackle relevant issues young people face all around the world.

The GodMan

For children who cannot read and in areas where the printed Word cannot go, The GodMan film tells the story of Christ’s life for all to understand. First shown in 2005, The GodMan is a computer-animated film that has been translated into more than 78 languages and shown in more than 81 countries. Additionally, it has been customized for ten different cultural worldviews. More than 138 million children and youth have seen the film in hosted settings, and millions more have had the opportunity to watch The GodMan on television in their country.

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OneHope Youth Films in partnership with LUMO

OneHope Youth Films use compelling storylines and visuals to bring the Gospel story to life on screen. OneHope Youth Films use breathtaking content to appeal to younger generations who have grown up in the digital age. The films are part of OneHope programs that take place during outreaches, small groups, and in homes. They are also occasionally used outside of a OneHope program within a broadcast setting. Through visual storytelling, young people have the opportunity to engage with truths from the Bible in a visual, dynamic format.

En Tus Manos

En Tus Manos (In Your Hands) follows the struggle of a boy growing up in a violent neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia. In an attempt to get away from his abusive home life, he joins a gang. As part of his initiation into the gang, he is ordered to murder a local pastor. This cold-blooded task pushes him into the depths of despair as he searches for the courage to finally take his destiny into his own hands.

Since its release in 2010, En Tus Manos has been seen by more than 6.6 million youth and has won eight international film festival awards.

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